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About Bright Horse

To be productive in today’s digital workplace, where 50% of the workforce now come from the millennial (or younger) generation, employees in all organisations need to feel engaged with the business and be given the right tools and systems to enable them.

Many employees are dissatisfied (read angry) with irrelevant service levels and metrics that focus on systems and targets rather than their actual experience of the services being provided.

Bright Horse’s complete focus is to help organisations fix these issues by measuring, managing and improving employees experience of their digital workplace. We EducateAssessAdvise and provide Technical Solutions to ensure that IT delivers the right outcomes and values.

Whether IT is insourced, outsourced or co-sourced, we work with all IT service departments to move to a modern mechanism of measuring IT performance.  We create the right Experience Metrics (XLAs/DeX, DeM), processes and systems to ensure that our customers can deliver awesome IT Services that enable their customers to be awesome too.

At Bright Horse, we run our services with two core principles in mind:

We love what we do

We bring a positive attitude to our services. 

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We deliver on our promises

A passion for what we provide drives us to deliver on our projects.

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