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About Bright Horse

Bright Horse focuses on helping organisations fix these issues by measuring, managing and improving employees experience of their digital workplace. We EducateAssessAdvise and provide Technical Solutions to ensure that IT delivers the right outcomes and values.

To be productive in today’s digital workplace, where 50% of the workforce now come from the millennial (or younger) generation, employees in all organisations need to feel engaged with the business and be given the right tools and systems to enable them.

Many employees are dissatisfied (read angry) with irrelevant service levels and metrics that focus on systems and targets rather than their actual experience of the services being provided.

Whether IT is insourced, outsourced or co-sourced, we work with all IT service departments to move to a modern mechanism of measuring IT performance.  We create the right Experience Metrics (XLAs/DeX, DeM), processes and systems to ensure that our customers can deliver awesome IT Services that enable their customers to be awesome too.

At Bright Horse, we run our services with two core principles in mind:

We love what we do

We bring a positive attitude to our services. 

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We deliver on our promises

A passion for what we provide drives us to deliver on our projects.

Want to understand how we can improve your IT Services using experience metrics?


Meet the Bright Horse Team

  • neil keating - bright horse

    Neil Keating

    CEO – Chief Experience Officer

    Our Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer Neil is an Employee Experience pioneer, architect and XLA expert. Having led employee experience metrics, and XLA, implementation in global organisations, Neil is highly experienced in providing Experience Assessments, Coaching, Education and Consulting.

    Neil has spent 25 years building, operating and growing IT service organisations for companies like Pink Roccade, Getronics and Eurodata before co-founding Bright Horse in 2013. Neil’s interests are in revolutionising the way companies report their IT services by basing success on the experience of the people using them.

  • ken wilson - bright horse

    Ken Wilson

    Co-Founder and Experience Chair

    Ken has had a long and varied career in People, Process and Technology ranging from Professional Football to founding the First ITIL accredited Organisation, Pink Elephant, to Managing IT Software companies.

    The motivation is to provide new, improved methods like Coerver Coaching, ITIL and now the Employee Experience market to help customers improve their working practices.

  • Steve Beavis Bright Horse

    Steve Beavis


    Steve is our Chief Technical Officer at Bright Horse and is responsible for delivery and support on all the technology solutions we sell and support, and makes sure we have the right equipment and software to do our day jobs! He is focused on ensuring that business benefits are realised from our Customers investments in technology, and that your people have the right education to help them further translate new business initiative into tangible business benefits.

    When not working, you will find Steve either in the kitchen cooking or baking, spending time with his children and grand children or outside gardening.

  • Kamile Puidokaite bright horse

    Kamile Puidokaite

    Digital Marketing Assistant

    Meet our Digital Marketing Assistant, Kamile. She is Marketing Management graduate from University of Westminster responsible for Bright Horse’s public presence.

    Her focus is to spread the word of Experience, connect with the outer world and help other organisations to determine the need (and want) of experience management.

    Her daily moto is ‘aspire to inspire before we expire’.

  • William Foster - bright horse

    William Foster

    Graduate Consultant

    William is a graduate of computing from Bucks New University. His role is to take care of all things website related for Bright Horse, including the look and feel of the page you’re viewing right now.

    With a drive for helping others, he is pleased to be supporting a company that emphasises the importance of an employee’s experience in their working life.

  • aditya pandey bright horse

    Aditya Pandey

    Digital Marketing Assistant

    Working in the digital marketing sector for the last five years, Aditya is a Brunel University, London student and is working on SEO and lead generation for the Bright Horse website.

    In his free time, you can find him in online gaming lobbies or re-watching Michael Jordan’s best clips on the internet.