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Improve the IT Experience of your Employees

Monitor and manage the experience of your employees, and avoid harm to your company outcomes and culture in our experience-driven world through the power of XLAs.

Register below for a free webinar from the most experienced XLA consultancy company in the world to learn what XLAs are and the implication of experience in the modern world of work.

"Great at delivering the content. You know you've done a good job when attendees are left thought-provoked and inspired, which I personally did"

"I found it very interesting indeed. Neil’s delivery was well executed and certainly kept me engaged! I’d say he did a great job as I came away both inspired and thought provoked! Very useful session 😊"

"Really interesting stuff! Explained things well, clearly."

- Multinational packaging business

Without Any Ability to Monitor Experience, We Unknowingly Welcome Adversity

When we are unaware of low employee experience and sentimient, we can encourage multiple factors to arise such as a drop in productivity, low morale, poor employee retention and a drop in company output.


We can't manage what we can't measure. With XLAs, we gain a foothold in understanding low sentiment and, more importantly, why it's happening.   

With over 7 Years' in the Employee Experience Industry, Bright Horse is a Leader in their Subject Field.

Join a Webinar with us for the Expert Introduction

Get introduced to the Art & Science of Experience, the XLA Framework®, and understand the benefits of XLAs that top companies are gaining. 

Compare and contrast XLAs with the traditional KPI/SLA approach; see how XLAs measure moments over time and anticipate experience.

Who Have We Supported in their Experience Journey?

Begin your Journey to Improve Employee Experience

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