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Real Gender Equality At Work May Take 100 Years More, Research Shows

Updated: May 18, 2023

Real Gender Equality At Work May Take 100 Years More, Research Shows Bright Horse

Gender equality at work is a concept that was progressing for a while. Unfortunately, process evaluation, based on Global Gender Gap Report 2020, shows that it may take another 100 years to reach that absolute, desired equality. These predictions are quite alarming and even shocking. Although women make 50% of the working population, they contribute only 37% of the GDP. Having gender diversity in the workplace is a very strong component for overall business performance and development.

5 Advantages of Gender Equality in the Workplace:

Stronger Collaboration

According to multiple studies, women were found to have stronger interpersonal skills and are better at reading non-verbal /body language cues that can be a strong advantage for a more efficient, and successful communication process. Additionally, it was found in research that groups that had women in them were more open to communicate and keep the discussion going. It helps the collaboration process to be more effective and can enhance the results and performance of the teamwork.

More women share empathy and strong interpersonal skills that can elevate atmosphere, communication, and collaboration in the team.

Positive Company Culture

Diverse and gender-equal workplaces where all the employees feel respected and acknowledged manifest a positive and vibrant atmosphere. It helps to collaborate and gives a chance to notice different talents and skills that can be shared and used efficiently. It also creates a positive employee experience that impacts productivity, engagement, and employee satisfaction.

Variety of Talent And Perspectives.

Businesses that fail to create a diverse workspace risk undiscovered talents and skills of half of the population. Gender equality enables companies to benefit from different opinions, life experiences, perspectives, and personal skills. It brings more creativity, innovation, and even strategic, ‘out of the box’ thinking.  This way companies are motivating their teams to excel and fight old-fashioned gender stereotypes.

Company’s Reputation and Retention

Today, flexibility and diversity are one of the top priorities while looking for a job. More and more people are addressing their concerns about a company’s ethics and social responsibility.  Almost 85% of millennial women stated that a company’s diversity is an essential attribute.  So, inclusive workplaces demonstrate their strong values that will enhance reputation and recruitment process. Also, these businesses have better chances to avoid unnecessary employee turnover costs and establish strong brand loyalty.


Many women are losing a lot of money and skills while on maternity leave.  Some Scandinavian countries such as Finland have already integrated equal maternity leave that can be shared between men and women. Remote and part-time working hours benefit all the parts and eliminate the massive gender gap. Another study by Flexjob showed that an 85% increase in productivity levels by doing so.

As it was mentioned before, gender inequality in the workplace is a huge and prolonged issue. It is important for companies to integrate and promote diversity in order to solve it. Diversity brings stronger collaboration, increases employee productivity, and establishes positive company culture. It also increases profitability not only for business but also for the whole economy.

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