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Bright Horse Itinerary 

Bright Horse has been at the vanguard of the employee experience movement and helping organisations to improve their employee's productivity. Bright Horse focuses on helping them fix these issues by measuring, managing and improving employees' experience of their digital workplace.

See here our company offerings to improve your employee's productivity, happiness and, additionally, retention in your organisation. They are your greatest asset.  

Education Brochure

Bright Horse offer accredited XLA courses to enable our customers to improve business performance and gain competitive advantage through improving the engagement and experience of their employees.

Read more about our educational courses for your organisation and experience the lightbulb moment shared by many of our past attendees.

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Nexthink Brochure

Nexthink is a market leading, real-time analytics SaaS that offers you insights into your employee's digital journey to understand what they need and want from their IT services.

Having been a Nexthink partner for the past 4 years, Bright Horse can offer a variety of Nexthink consultancy and managed services. Read our Nexthink brochure to find out more. 

Consulting Brochure

An organisation’s employees are their biggest assets. Understanding and supporting their online experience is key to ensuring that employees have as few interruptions to their productivity as possible and want stay with their organisation. 

At Bright Horse, our consultants are highly experienced, hands-on, subject matter experts in XLA and XMO design and implementation. The team are accredited in the art and science of employee experience but, more importantly, we have the practical knowledge and the right methods to make exceptional things happen.

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Design Book

Book Excerpt

Yes, we're writing a book. It will be centred around employee experience, its importance, and the benefits to such via the implementation of XLAs. We're in writing process right now and would like to a share an excerpt with you as a flavour of what's to come.