How ITIL4 helps the Service Experience?

ITIL was often felt to be too cumbersome, too vague, and too bureaucratic to be adopted with any level of success, and nobody likes additional admin! The thing with ITIL4 is that it has addressed the issue of relevance in today’s ever-changing world and now seeks to address the issues of digital transformation.

What’s IT service management all about?

Many of the projects we have worked on historically are medium to large corporates with complex, legacy IT systems and services. If the goal was always to better align IT with meeting business objectives, that has now been eclipsed more and more by IT becoming the business. However, if we revisit the premise of IT service management, it is about organisation, culture, leadership, people, process, and technology in alignment, whatever the size, environment, or objectives.

The thing is, this is now not only relevant to medium and large-sized organisations – but to the smaller start-ups where tech is THE business. Whether it’s the whole business organisation or a large IT function the principles still apply.

How has ITIL4 improved?

If everyone has focused on delivering Customer Value when defining how products and services will be designed, built, and implemented, with control over implementation, delivery, and support, then the desired outcomes can be delivered by focusing on the Service Value Stream. ITIL4 has aligned to Agile methods for product and DevOps for better integration between development and technical operations. Combine this with traditional delivery and support processes and you have a much more robust set of integrated practices.

The familiar incident, request, problem management appear, however, end-to-end change management in ITIL4 is being scaled back to an appropriate level of change control which will be more appealing. All of this is exciting and promises to help organisations align – but surely the ultimate goal is to meet business objectives and whether financial or growth based – that can only be achieved through delivering great service.

Your customers will tell you how you are performing, and if you need to scale up or get control, it is key to understand the components of your services and how they are delivered to achieve business value. Perhaps 2020 and the start of a new decade is the time to review how you are performing and to understand where you are on the Service Maturity journey.

How can we help?

We welcomed over 100 prospects and clients in 4 locations around the UK this year at our special SLA To XLA events. Our mission is to help IT professionals better understand the concept of service and how that impacts the customer experience. If you missed this year’s events, it is our intention to run these events into the new year so lookout for the upcoming announcements on location and dates.

Here’s wishing you season’s greetings and a very prosperous New Year!