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Experience Technology

With our Nexthink partnership, we design, implement and operationalize the best technology to measure and improve employee experience of IT.


Our Nexthink Practice combines advanced service analytics with user sentiment survey data to enable customers to see unique employee experience metrics to measure and improve the employee experience. The solution can be hosted in the cloud or on premise and is simply licenced per end point under.

The Nexthink solution provides up to date dashboards and analytics to enable your organsiation to:

  1. Gain accurate insight into employee consumption and experience of your services
  2. Improve IT innovation success and time to market
  3. Improve digital transformation projects through improved time, cost and quality
  4. Reduce overall incident levels

5. Reduce mean-time to resolution

6. Reduce change time and cost

7. Improve self service and automation

8. Enable your team to directly connect and converse with users for feedback