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Transparency At Work: 3 Ways To Gain Your Workers’ Trust

Updated: May 18, 2023

Transparency At Work: 3 Ways To Gain Your Workers' Trust

The most successful businesses are the ones where employees feel united and comfortable in their workplace. One way to achieve it is to create and keep transparency at work at all times. It creates the image of an organisation that makes an effort to spread the information freely and creates a safe and trusting environment.

When employees feel like they are a part of something bigger, it encourages them to share their ideas and receive feedback more openly. With the help of transparency, individuals can continuously improve and develop their strengths while being more open to collaborating and enhancing their performance. The same advantages apply to the organisation itself.

Here are 3 ways how to integrate transparency at work:

Transparency At Work: 3 Ways To Gain Your Workers' Trust 2

1. Hire People Who Prioritise Transparency

In order to create a transparent workplace, first things first, we need to select the right people. What is the best way to promote it if not invite people to do that for you? And is not that hard, either. According to Atlassian, over 87% of the professionals are looking for transparency while looking for a job. Employers could do that by mentioning the value of transparency in the job description and even asking in the interview process to find out how the person feels about it. These simple and straightforward steps will filter out the right candidates that would help to create a safe workplace atmosphere.

2. Be Honest

What is the best way to make another person feel comfortable and open around you? The answer is very simple – be one yourself. Honesty and open communication create trust and establish closer connections. That can enhance creativity and innovation, the dynamic share of ideas and thought, and finally, establish a healthy workplace atmosphere. So, what is the right tactic to do this? Create and run the team’s stand-up where everyone has a chance to present their work, achievements and concerns freely. This practice will establish greater openness in the office.

3. Choose The Right Tools

Today, our performance highly depends on technology. But it can transform our whole business only if it is used correctly and users are well-trained to make the most of it. The average employee wastes approximately 20% of their time just by looking for the right information internally. That is supposed to be easily accessible, right? It is crucial to integrate a tool that organises and supports the flow of information and makes it accessible to everyone within the organisation. Platform, where employees can leave feedback, comments, reviews and advice, can also improve overall communication and problem-solving process. So, to enable good performance, accessibility is a key component.

As past years have revolutionised the way we work, the only way to survive is to adapt. Meaning that companies need to become open, transparent, and caring for their employees as never before. It’s the beginning of a new era, where employers work for their employees and not all the way around.

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