3 Ways To Address Your Employees' Mental Health

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Mental health is important for all of us. It impacts our quality of life, performance at work, and overall wellbeing. Here’s how leaders and managers can look after their employees.

Daily or weekly report check-in happened regularly and consistently. This has undeniable importance and yet after the pandemic, it became even harder to notice people’s struggle.

Connect and Check-in

Over 40% of employees globally have stated that they weren’t asked if they are doing ok. Their mental health, unfortunately, has declined by 38%.

Every situation is complex and unique for each person.  Business efforts and results are important but staying a human – will guarantee it.

Provide Flexibility

Managers should have empathy & behave accordingly. Stressors such as childcare, miscarriages, cancer treatments, etc. require exceptional understanding and evaluation.

We are all human and no matter our position in the workplace, we face life discomforts. Sharing what you are going through might open the door to others.

Don’t Be Scared To Be Vulnerable

This creates a comfortable and safe place for others to speak up and be understood. Communication goes both ways and you, as a leader, hold the power to enable it.