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7 Ways To Improve User Experience In 2021

As chatbots and virtual assistants continue to grow in popularity, the requirement for a voice interface will become a basic necessity for mobile apps, websites, and other tools.

Voice Interfaces

Users need their job done quickly and in a well-organised manner and they can sacrifice looking at multiple pop-ups and notifications very happily. However, it doesn’t mean that developers must curb their creativity in presenting new and important information.

Simple UI

It is empty areas across a page surrounded by certain objects. Over the years, the fondness for negative space has grown significantly. For instance, Google’s minimalistic designed homepage.

Negative Space

Crisp edges, all the colours inside the borders, and not a pixel of imperfection are all too old-school. Imperfect elements create a sense of relatability between the service provider & their customers.

Imperfect Elements & Asymmetry

These include buttons that are more round than box-like. The edges are curved rather than sharp and the overall look and feel on the page looks more pale and soothing to the eyes. This is also known as Neumorphism.

Softer Elements

UX is moving towards making things visible in a three-dimensional space. On-page animation is also getting a lot of attention. However, too much animation can delay the loading time, which can, in turn, spoil the UX even more.

3D Elements & Animation

The display, design & structure in which information flows through a page determine the kind of attention with which potential customers may be interacting with your content & products.

Information Architecture

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