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Why HR Needs IT To Keep Their Employees Happy

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

HR and IT working together

HR managers aspire to fulfil the needs of modern employees and address the challenge of a hybrid workforce by implementing long-term changes now. However, HR departments are currently grappling with the question of why said employees are dissatisfied. This is due to a lack of trustworthy data to uncover employee dissatisfaction before it escalates into larger issues.

According to a Nexthink survey exploring the alliance between HR and IT, 56 per cent of HR decision-makers wish to know how much time employees lose out on due to IT difficulties. Just over half of HR executives (52%) have access to this data but are concerned that it is unreliable or difficult to access.

While HR does not have the answers, they are aware of the consequences of these issues. Employee burnout and turnover are linked to inadequate or unreliable IT services and equipment, according to 77% of respondents.

This is where IT steps in. HR will require continual contact and cooperation from IT in order for their goals to come to reality. IT is the sole institution that can detect particular digital grievances that might contribute to increased workplace stress and burnout as in-person work situations become less common.

Digital Employee Experience is a key part of Employee Experience in today's hybrid and remote workforce. Today's employees cannot function without the usage of digital devices, so what would HR be left with if it solely concentrated on non-digital aspects?

Instead, HR and IT must collaborate more effectively. According to the same Nexthink study, 68 percent of respondents said their IT and HR departments collaborate, yet 21 percent said they don't like it.

IT HR collaboration - bright horse
Credit: Nexthink

Only 10 percent of respondents say their HR and IT departments work well together, while 36% say their connection is ordinary to below average.

It's not simply about IT supporting HR by giving new hires the latest equipment or introducing new applications. The necessary transition entails each partner setting common goals, allocating resources, and discovering the appropriate work data that benefits both parties.

IT - HR relationship - bright horse
Credit: Nexthink

Two-way employee communication is one way we've seen HR and IT teams work. While just 7% of survey respondents have a response rate of 75% or higher, that is the average our customers see when they use Nexthink. Nexthink equips HR and IT organisations with relevant insights to improve the Digital Employee Experience.

Struggling to get enough productivity out of your employees under the hybrid working setup? Bright Horse can help you improve your Digital Employee Experience with the help of Nexthink.

Contact us and we can discuss your problems and come up with suitable solutions.

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