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Essence of Experience

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will always remember how you made them feel

The Art and Science of Experience

In today’s modern economy, where 50% of the workforce is made up of millennials or younger and where money is now not the primary motivating factor, the above famous quotation has never been more important.

The Essence of Experience course, from our Experience partners and co-creators XLACollab and delivered exclusively by Bright Horse, enables attendees to engage with skilled and expert instructors to learn the unvarnished truth of the Art & Science of eXperience and how XLAs are changing the way we design and manage technology.

This 1 day course introduces Experience Level Agreements (XLAs). In class we use interactive studies and exercises to nail down the concept of XLA, setting learners on a solid path beyond ITIL, SLAs, and KPIs into a new perspective of XLAs and performance outcomes.

In Class Experience:

Learners will acquire a practical understanding of the anatomy of an XLA and how it relates to the flow of work in an organization. In class we:

  • Compare and contrast XLA with the more traditional KPI/SLA approach, and show how they work together,
  • Introduce the Art & Science of Experience and the XLA Framework®,
  • Show how XLAs accurately measure moments over time and anticipating experience – prior to an incident,
  • Walk through real-life examples, case studies and group exercises to take learning from thinking to action

Course / Student Materials:

  • Instructor-led education and assignment facilitation,
  • Pre-class resources,
  • Learner Manual (excellent post-class reference),
  • Essence of Experience Reference Card,
  • Participation in unique in-class assignments,
  • Learner Personal Action Plan,
  • Reinforcing memory exercises and study aids,
  • Sample questions and exam preparation



An understanding of ITSM principles and practices is beneficial.


This is a 1 day course.


  • Course: £260, plus VAT 
  • Exam & Course Materials (if required): £70


Who will be your fellow participants?

This class is for all professionals and organizations struggling to improve their customer and employee experience. Many here had heard of XLAs, but just as many found this training while searching to improve on their traditional Service Level Agreements (SLAs).



Learners will be equipped to earn their eXperience Level Agreement (XLA) Ambassador certificate by achieving a passing score (65%) on the 45-minute exam, consisting of 20 multiple choice questions.

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