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Sentiment Survey Consulting - Bright Horse

Sentiment Survey Consulting

Our user sentiment survey consultancy advises and guides customers in planning, building and executing their user sentiment survey. If you do not have any survey methodology but would like to understand user experience, or you have a form of user/customer satisfaction survey but have a low response rate, then our User Sentiment Survey consultancy can help.

We have deep experience in designing and delivering customer satisfaction/user sentiment surveys that are aimed at gathering user experience data. We assist customers with both the Art and Science of Surveys, including:

  • How many questions should you ask?

  • How should you score the answers?

  • How should you phrase questions to solicit a higher response rate?

  • When should surveys be sent out?

  • How often should they be sent out?

  • What is the right coverage for a statistically valid survey?

  • What response rate is statistically relevant?

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