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Partners and Contributors

Our business focus is clear – we aim to improve the employee experience of IT services. To enable us to do this, we have investigated the market and only partner with a select few exceptional organisations. Take a look at the partners and contributors with whom the Bright Horse organisation has worked alongside within the last decade.


Our Nexthink partnership enables us to provide our customers with a unique combination of real-time analytics, automation and employee feedback across all endpoints so that we can improve IT innovation time to market, speed up digital transformation, reduce incident levels and lower the average time to fix issues. 


Nexthink is our tool of choice to automate employee sentient surveys and XMOs.



Our partners and co-creators at XLACollab, think the same as we do and like us, they are also pioneers in the Experience movement. Our partnership with XLACollab enables us to deliver our Experience education portfolio. 


With XLACollab we are able to offer our customers unique accredited Experience education and assessment services.


SXP Solutions

SXP Solutions focus wholly on developing genuinely transformational experiential business simulations. Our partnership enables us to deliver digital transformation experience as part of our complete education portfolio.



Bright Horse became an authorised Microsoft Partner in the early days of Azure as we understood the real potential of using Microsoft Azure for hosting our client service and experience platforms. Through this, we are able to help our customers implement our technical solutions in a secure flexible and scalable global cloud environment.


In addition, our partnership means we are able to provide our customers support for the underlying infrastructure (SQL, Windows Servers) as well as the core business application.

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