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See, Diagnose, Fix
Improve the Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Avoid a backlogged service desk and frustrated employees. Move from reactive to proactive IT with Nexthink.

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Arnaud Pire

Toyota Motor Europe

We had a lot of perception feedback from our end user, this is slow, this is not working, this is crashing, But we were never able to understand the real condition on the PC.

james young western union.jfif

James Young

Western Union

I've always had the question, 'I wish I knew what was going to happen before it happened'. Now I do.


Mathias Espeloer


We needed some kind of software, magic of course, to find out what is bothering the users... Everything is there and you just have to ask the right question and Nexthink can tell you the solution.

Don't Let Poor DEX Affect your Business.​

Poor digital experience means inability to be productive. When low productivity costs the US alone $1.8 trillion, the risks are too many to ignore.​ Don't leave your employees irritated and unable to work. 

Join the More Than 1,000 Organisations Using Nexthink and Achieve:

  • 71% boost in employee net promoter score

  • 50hrs of downtime saved per customer 

  • 300% return on investment across 3 years

  • 57,000+ incidents prevented in 2 years

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