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Learn the Power of XLAs and How to Enhance your Employee Experience

Avoid poor sentiment and experience through understanding the benefits of Experience Level Agreements, taught by the leading subject experts in the UK

XLAs = Productivity, Efficiency, Retention and Performance

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What do our Customers Think?

Intro to XLAs

“Engaging, well facilitated, good mix of sessions to keep interest up” 

SLAs Aren't Enough to Prevent 
Poor Employee Sentiment and a Halt to Productivity

  • With employees unable to work, we risk a drop in business outcomes, low morale and staff turnover

  • Not always do targets met on SLAs mean our employees are having a good experience

  • If we cannot understand the employee experience, we cannot see manage it

However, we can combat this by augmenting our service-centred SLAs with experience-centred XLAs.

Bright Horse has 7+ Years' in the Employee Experience Industry
We Will Provide That Lightbulb Moment to the Benefits of XLAs

The only company in the UK to run independently accredited XLA/experience courses

We have educated 10s of companies across various industries, from MSPs to retail to hospitals and public bodies

Educated more people on XLAs than anyone else in the UK

Realise the Power of XLAs and Learn How to Enhance your Employee Experience

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