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Nexthink is an industry-leading management software that provides high-quality analytics, hosting, and support benefits at an enterprise level with special emphasis on improving the Digital Employee Experience (DEX). The software is excellent to increase the satisfaction and productivity of the employees, thereby improving the functionality of the company as a whole.

Bright Horse partnered with Nexthink to enable our customers to see more, do more and delight more. Our core belief is that delivering a positive workplace and service experience means happy and effective employees. It means engaged employees and it means productive employees. Engaged and productive employees lead to high customer satisfaction, improved competitive advantage, and greater revenues and profits.

Why Choose Nexthink?

IT-related issues are the biggest obstacle to employee engagement and putting employee experience first means transforming the IT experience of your employees & your business. Through a unique combination of real-time analytics, automation, and employee feedback across all endpoints, Nexthink enables our customers to be more proactive, flexible, and agile. It is a global leader in digital experience management through which we allow our customers to create highly productive digital workplaces for their employees by delivering an optimal experience.

Digital Experience And The Great Resignation (2021-2022)

A recently conducted survey carried out by Nexthink explored the various reasons behind the ‘Great Resignation’ or the ‘Big Quit’ which refers to the economic trend that is currently going on in the world across various industries in which employees are voluntarily leaving their jobs in masses. The trend began in early 2021, specifically in the United States of America but is quickly expanding across the world.

According to the survey results, the third biggest reason behind such a big number of resignations is poor IT experiences and the lack of good tech services. Poor salary and the unhealthy work environment were the first and second reasons, respectively.

The research also shows three important factors with regard to IT and employee productivity:

  • Employees were unwillingly and unknowingly reducing their own productivity by trying to fix IT problems that they were facing on their own. Only 15% of the respondents said that they got in touch with the IT team about their problems but most of them simply gave rebooting a shot or asked their colleague if they came across a similar problem and if they were able to solve it on their own.

  • Companies are willing and actually investing in the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) by having little to no clue about who is responsible for looking after it and measuring the results of the initiatives taken. 30% of the employees knew that IT was involved in setting up better DEX. However, 64% of the IT decision-makers knew that it was the role of their teams to look after improving DEX.

  • IT experience directly influences the employees’ recruitment recommendations. According to the survey, 42% of the employees said that their likelihood of suggesting the right kind of job-seekers to the organisation depends on the quality of the digital workforce they have around them.


Yassine Zaied, the Chief Strategy Officer at Nexthink talks about the importance of IT in improving employee experience in the middle of the pandemic:

“The ongoing pandemic and resulting remote work has brought employee experience issues to the forefront, specifically the role that IT plays in either assisting or hindering that experience as digital environments are the connective thread for enterprises… What’s concerning is that only 32 percent of employees were aware their company even had a dedicated digital employee experience resource within IT. Combined with employees stating they would leave their job because of a poor IT experience, in this time of the Great Resignation, businesses can’t risk this.”

Nexthink And Bright Horse – The Partnership

With a heritage in Technology and Service Management, Bright Horse was established to enable clients to automate their service processes to improve the digital experience of their employees and customers. Our vision of using Nexthink to advance Experience Level Agreements across organisations is enabling lower incidents, improved productivity, and reduced cost which in turn is driving improved employee experience and happier customers.

Bright Horse is a leading partner of Nexthink from sales through implementation and support. Our consultants are Master Level trained and accredited. This enables us to deliver the highest quality of services to our customers.


Our services include:

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Key Features Of Nexthink


According to Nexthink is a leading DEX management software with the following key features that can significantly improve a company’s productivity:

Address digital employee experience with operational insight

Engage with the users and measure their sentiment

Manage trending data and other information through the dashboard

Spread across 11 countries, strategically placed with the aim to solve global IT problems

With over 700+ ‘Nexthinkers’, the family is growing at a significant rate, showing excellent promise and quality

Quick troubleshooting

Organised content library containing reports, queries, and remedies.

Remediate the issues faced by the users automatically.

Diverse, multicultural, and well-travelled, Nexthink's mission is to delight all people

Integrate Nexthink insights with various platforms

An online user community for sharing content and ideas

How Has Nexthink Grown In 2021?

According to Businesswire, Nexthink grew by 50% in the first six months of 2021 as hybrid work led to the increase in the need for the IT sector to revaluate its strategy to improve the employees’ digital experience.

Here’s what Nexthink CEO and co-founder, Pedro Bados had to say about this incredible growth:

“Companies want to deliver great digital experience to their employees from the design of the workplace to the successful adoption of applications and minimize downtime with automation and proactivity. This growth we’re seeing is exciting, but it’s just the beginning and we see a lot of potential in the market.”

Some of the biggest achievements in the H1 2021:

  • $1.1 Billion Valuation: According to a February 2021 Press Release, the DEX leaders reached a $1.1 billion valuation with $180 million in the Series D financial round while also adding former Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen to their board of directors

  • Deep Intelligence For Web Applications: Adding a new Application Experience feature to their software, our partner now allows the IT teams to “understand the experience of every employee with every application all the time”

  • DEX Hub: DEX Hub is a platform where some of the greatest minds from the IT industry join forces to share their expertise, knowledge, innovative ideas and first-hand information about the ongoing topics in the IT world

The Trend Continues In 2022

Nexthink's growth continued to accelerate as we entered 2022 with a report that predicted growth for 2021 was better than ever, with an increase to their ARR of more than 66% in North America, as reported in April. They cite the prevalence of the remote and hybrid work models for jumping through their expected 2021 growth, hybrid and remote work itself appearing to very much still be a trend halfway into 2022.  

Some of the biggest achievements in the H1 2022:

  • Partnership between Nexthink and Qualtrics to utilise both platform's capabilities in ensuring the most effective digital experience for employees working remotely or in a hybrid model 

  • Included in the Best Places to Work Awards List by online technology community, Built In

  • Released an eBook, Digital Employee Experience For Dummieswith the aim of educating IT leaders on creating a better digital employee experience

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