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Quiss Technology Case Study

The Client





Quiss Technology Plc is a UK based managed IT services business formed in 1988 specialising in outsourcing solutions.

The IT support service is predominantly based in the UK, centred around their head office in Tamworth, Staffordshire, where a dedicated team of specialists provide unlimited IT support for their contracted clients. Regionalised on-site support is provided by a nationwide Field Service Team, backed up with dedicated site-based technicians for larger clients based in the UK and the US. Their London office serves as a point of focus for their key business activities in the capital.

Quiss Technology’s tailored support is available to customers 24/7, 365 days per year. A full range of IT solutions are on offer with the flexibility to allow each organisation the ability to select the range of services that best suit the unique requirements of their specific operation.

With a background in business support for a housing organisation, Denise Bamford was also once a client of Quiss which gave her a very rounded perspective of the entire service experience. She was tasked with managing the project to upgrade the service management system at Quiss.

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" The Bright Horse team all clearly understand the concepts of service management and this made a huge difference to the success of the project. They put in the work, offered innovative answers to our challenges and ultimately delivered us a product to enable us as a business to better support and service our clients. "

The Issue

As a growing managed services provider with an extensive client base consuming flexible services, from hardware supply through to fully outsourced IT management, Quiss needed a new service management system to fully support these diverse demands.

The existing tool had served its initial purpose, but was proving to be functionally unable to support the complexities of the business moving forward. The process of call ticket logging had become cumbersome and required a degree of manual intervention which was inefficient and impacting the helpdesk’s ability to offer a premium service.

There was very little flexibility with the existing Service Management tool and no effective customer facing element, such as a functional portal. The significant number of calls being registered every day via email were also being manually entered and there was no functionality to provide integration with other key business tools such as auditing software.

As well as the inefficiencies identified internally at Quiss, the customers were also beginning to demand greater visibility and reporting on the services they were receiving.

The Solution

" ...from the initial scoping meeting with Bright Horse acting as the consultants for this project, they clearly understood not just the technicalities of the product and its potential uses, but they were clearly experts in the field of service management... "

Quiss formed a project team to review all suitable ITSM replacement products on the market, Cherwell came out top for both functionality and flexibility. It could be easily customised without the requirement for coding by an expensive developer, and was flexible enough to adapt to the full range of services which Quiss offer, which were both critical success factors.

As a managed service provider, Quiss also had a further set of key functional requirements to allow them to service multiple customers, consuming multiple services under multiple service levels. As a tool primarily used by IT to service a single internal business, this was not available from Cherwell ‘out of the box’. At this point, Quiss were introduced to Bright Horse, a Cherwell partner at the time who had developed a mergeable application to address this specific niche.

" The support, patience and flexibility of Bright Horse during this incredibly difficult time were very much appreciated "

To support the implementation of the new system, Quiss requested that Bright Horse give the helpdesk staff a 2 hour ITIL® Overview to bring them up to speed on the subject of service management. This was difficult to arrange due to the shift patterns of the staff, so it was delivered over a number of sessions in the evening, which was a further highly valued aspect of the partnership for Quiss.

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