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Being Proactive Vs Reactive In The World Of Managed Service Providers In 2022

Proactive Vs Reactive In The World Of Managed Service Providers In 2022

In terms of health, prevention is always preferable to cure or treatment. The same may be said for the network health of your company. If your IT staff does not properly monitor the health of your network, you are in danger of infection.

Preventing technological difficulties from becoming emergencies is possible with proactive managed IT services. Let’s compare how the proactive model differs from a more traditional “reactive” approach to managed IT services.

In today's market, small and mid-sized enterprises recognise that competition is fierce. Larger companies can afford to invest in tools and systems to efficiently manage all aspects of their network because of their size. Small enterprises, on the other hand, are frequently unable to afford such luxuries. SMBs are turning to proactive managed IT services to have access to the same breadth of IT knowledge and insights that bigger organisations have in-house in order to stay competitive. This might let you compete on an equal footing with your larger competition.

Reactive IT Support

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The break-fix solution is the most prevalent name for reactive IT assistance. Your company is only helped when something goes wrong. If your network is down and your wifi isn't working, for example, you'd call your managed IT service provider to come onsite and fix it. Downtime is typical with reactive support since no one touches your network until something goes wrong.

Another risk with reactive IT help is a lack of understanding of the IT environment of the company. The reactive managed IT service provider must investigate and determine the cause of the network outage. It might be a problem with the internet provider, a power outage, a problem with the internal wiring, or a faulty wifi connection. There's no way to know unless a network technician comes on-site and checks every conceivable option. This takes time and exposes the possibility of human mistakes.

Proactive IT Support

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Most small to mid-sized organisations prefer proactive managed IT services because they understand how much downtime costs them. A proactive managed IT service provider can maintain stable and secure systems without the downtime associated with break-fix solutions using modern monitoring technologies. This form of help typically resolves IT issues before they become a danger to your company's IT infrastructure.

Instead of being reactive, proactive IT assistance is engaged. When it comes to small business stability, an ounce of prevention goes a long way. Preventing network downtime with regularly planned maintenance services is a strategic management technique. When you consider the total cost of a single hour of downtime across your whole firm, preventative IT services appear to be a bargain. This lowers the expense of an emergency IT project or a network outage.

How Can Being Proactive Help Overcome The Problems Of Being Reactive Within IT?

What are your plans if you choose the reactive strategy and call your IT service provider? Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do. You have no choice except to wait till your machine is repaired. You need it to work, so all you have to do now is wait for it to come back up. That's downtime your company can't afford.

A proactive managed IT service model–one with no surprise costs at the end of the month–would be a less unpleasant option. Choose a managed service provider that provides proactive break-fix services at a predictable monthly charge. Additional choices like network security, infrastructure as a service, cloud services, and backup solutions are generally included with these managed services. We only provide IT services that are tailored to your company's specific needs, goals, and objectives at TechKnowledgey.

Every company should consider IT for effectiveness, productivity, and cost benefits. A proactive managed IT service provider may help your company save time and money. Avoid downtime due to a network technician's inability to locate the needle in a haystack of IT difficulties. Rather than waiting for an IT problem to arise, use a solution that can automatically detect problems before you do.

Which one would you prefer? Chaos or preparation? The latter appears to be the best option for your company's IT needs. IT assistance that is proactive rather than reactive (break-fix) is significantly less stressful. That is why so many small and medium-sized enterprises are opting for managed IT services. Reactive IT assistance is no longer an option–start planning for the future!

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